Specialty Eye Exam Services in the Bay Area, CA – Vision Therapy & Low Vision Testing

What is Low Vision?  

Low vision is when a person loses vision and has trouble performing activities of daily living. Most of these people are legally blind in one or both eyes; the vision is 20/200 or worse in each eye. 

Low Vision

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What is a low vision consultation?  

This consultation allows the doctor to personalize treatment with improving a persons visual quality of life to their lifestyle needs. A person can be born with reduced vision or a person can acquire low vision via injury or an eye disease (i.e. macular degeneration). Many times there is no traditional lens treatment or surgical treatment that can help these patients. By no means does the treatment cure the problem, but it does help a person utilize their existing vision better which in turn will improve the safety and function in their environment. So even though the eye doctors tell these low vision patients there is no medical treatment, which gives the patient of sense of worthlessness and hopelessness. Just know that there is a solution that can help one function better in life.  
Low vision solution options :
  • Telescopes 
  • Magnifiers 
  • Hand Held Magnifiers 
  • Closed Caption Television (CCTV)  
  • Large Numbered Telephone Touch Pads 
If you know of someone that can benefit from this evaluation, please have them call our office so that we can help serve them improve their safety, function, and quality of life.

What is Vision Therapy (VT)?

Vision therapy are exercises to improve vision function and muscle balance of the eyes. Sometimes the muscles in our eyes may not function properly due to genetic predisposition (such as having crossed eyes), “lazy eye”, injury, or acquired eye muscle problems (ie. due to diabetes).

There are different types of exercises to treat the various eye muscle problems. Prognosis is effective for many of the eye muscle problems. Some eye problems that are more complex can be more challenging and can take longer to treat. 
Common eye problems treatable with VT:  
  • Poor Eye Tracking 
  • Reversals (Right/Left confusion) 
  • Eye Turn (Eye crossing) 
  • Convergence Insufficiency 
  • Double Vision
Treatment is aimed at giving patients better visual function in activities of daily living. Not all therapies can “cure” the problem. However, functioning better in life without headaches, double vision, less eyestrain and improved depth perception is something to talk about!
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