Digital Eye Strain

What is Digital Eye Strain? 

Digital eye strain, also referred to as computer vision syndrome, is a condition more common today than ever. This is caused by excessive computer, TV, tablet, cell phone or e-book use.

Digital eye strain frequently contributes to dry eyes. It’s important that you recognize this early on and seek proper treatment to relieve your symptoms. 
Digital Eye Strain - Santa Clara & San Jose, CA

Dry Eyes & Digital Eye Strain

People often experience dry eyes when they view digital devices for too long, due to a decrease in the number of times blinked. 

We may forget to blink regularly when we are concentrated in our work or caught up in our favorite TV show. 

Why Regular Blinking Matters 

Blinking is important because it helps keep the outside layers of your eyes lubricated. We blink on average 18 times per minute. When we are using digital devices, this number decreases to about 9 times per minute. This can cause significant discomfort, redness and irritation. 

If you are someone who uses the computer for extended periods of time each day and notice your eyes are feeling strained, then you should talk to Dr. Lee. She will conduct a comprehensive computer vision exam to observe all your symptoms and then determine what will be the best treatment for you. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment.
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