Eye Exam and Contact Lens Evaluations – Serving the Bay Area & San Jose, CA

Below are the different types of contact lenses we fit:

1.   Spherical disposable contacts
2.   Toric disposable contacts (corrects for astigmatism)
3.   Bifocal/ multi-focal disposable contacts
4.   Mono-vision disposable contacts
5.   Colored contacts
6.    One-day disposable contacts
7.    One-day disposable toric contacts
8.    Scleral lens for keratoconus/ irregular corneas
9.    Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
10. Bifocal gas permeable contact lenses
11. Orthokeratology (corneal reshaping)
12. Therapeutic colored contacts (disfigured eyes)
13. Synergeyes hybrid contacts/ Synergeyes bifocals

Contact Lens Evaluation

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What is a contact lens evaluation?

A contact lens evaluation is performed for all first time wearers and existing contact lens wearers. It is medically necessary to perform an evaluation annually to ensure the eyes are healthy, the vision is good, and the contact lenses are fitting properly. Without a consultation, the contact prescription cannot be renewed.

Since the technology of contact lens is constantly changing, so does our contact lens fitting. Our goal is to make sure your eyes are as healthy as can be. So even though you may have had no problems with your existing lenses, we will often times fit you with newer generation lenses so that your eyes will see better, feel better, and be healthier too.

Functional, Cosmetic, & Therapeutic Contact Lenses

We fit many types of contact lenses, whether it is cosmetic, functional, or therapeutic. We fit many patients with a disposable type of contact lens, meaning that you change your contact lenses more than once yearly. The disposable contacts are healthier, feel cleaner, give your eyes more oxygen and allow you to always have a back-up pair of contact lenses. The patients’ lifestyle helps the doctors determine which replacement schedule will work the best. We have some patients that have a combination of 1-day disposable contacts and 2-week disposable contact lenses. 

Our eye doctors are fitting many patients specialty contacts such as scleral lenses and a hybrid contact lens, SynergEyes. These specialty lenses can be used on patients with keratoconus or irregular corneas.  Scleral lenses are large hard contact lenses that are fitted on patients generally with moderate to advanced keratoconus or very distorted corneas.  Often times this is the only treatment available to help patients see.  The hybrid contact lens is another treatment option and this lens is part soft and part gas permeable.  We fit more SynergEyes lenses than the rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP), because the SynergEyes contacts provide patients with HD or “high definition” vision with the comfort of a soft lens. These lenses, like RGP contacts work great on those patients whose prescriptions constantly change. These lenses help stabilize the vision and are often used in young children as a form of prevention of myopia progression. SynergEyes contacts will definitely help improve vision in those patients with distorted corneas, keratoconus, and post-refractive surgery patients. We welcome the challenge of fitting the “hard to fit” eyeballs.

Come by our office and get fitted for contacts. We will fit you with the contact lens that is perfect for you!
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