Dr. Jeanette Lee

Dr. Jeanette Lee, Optometrist 
I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I attended UCLA for my undergraduate work in Biology and completed my doctor of Optometry degree at UC Berkeley. 

After graduation, I left to practice a more extensive scope of optometry in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I practiced in an office that specialized in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. I diagnosed and performed vision training for children and adults who have eye muscle coordination difficulties, "lazy eye," perceptual difficulties, and those with strabismus (one or both eyes turning to one side). I also helped fit custom medical devices and performed rehabilitation training to help improve the vision function and visual performance for those patients with partial to complete vision loss (Low Vision). At this clinic, I also served as an adjunct professor to the interns at our clinic. 

Medically, I am trained to treat patients with eye infections, eye inflammations, eye injuries, and eye diseases such as glaucoma. One of my main specialties is treatment of dry eyes. I developed a proven treatment that cures the cause of the dry eyes and not just the symptoms. I consult with patients about their requirements to change their diet, exercise or overall lifestyle to improve their eye health. My practice philosophy is that I want patients to be in good medical condition — good health means healthy eyes! I love taking care of my patients, and I can truly say, "I love being an optometrist!" 

I have over 20 years of experience in consulting refractive surgery and have worked with renowned surgeons in Atlanta and in the Bay Area. I have a wide range of knowledge in refractive procedures such as RK, LASIK, EPI-LASEK, CLE, PRK, accommodating IOL, and Intacts. I participated as 1 of 6 national principal investigators for Vistakon clinical trials for their new contact lens design. I thrive on being at the forefront of new technologies and incorporate this philosophy in my office. 

Outside of work, I love playing volleyball and tennis. As a mother of two, I try to spend as much time as I can with my two boys. I also enjoy training for half marathons, triathlons, weight training, cooking, and photography. 
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