Children’s Eye Exam Services in the Bay Area, CA

Common Symptoms of Vision Problems : 
1. Frequent eye rubbing 
2. Sitting close to the TV 
3. Headaches when watching TV/reading 
4. Squinting or tilting head to see  
5. Closing one eye to read or watch TV
The American Optometric Association and the American Medical Association now recommend that children begin their first eye exam by age 9 months. It is important that the children see their pediatrician and eye doctor too. The pediatrician will look at the general health of the eyes but will not look at muscle imbalance and prescription problems.

Children’s Exam

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Should you get your children's eyes checked?
It is important to detect any visual disorders early so there will not be any permanent developmental vision problems resulted from undetected eye problems. Children should have the chance to learn at their full capacity. Children with undiagnosed eye disorders are more likely to have to repeat a grade level in school, have behavior problems, be diagnosed with ADD, and perform below their intellectual abilities.
Treatment Options for Children: 
  • Glasses 
  • Bifocal Glasses 
  • Contact Lenses

Remember to make an appointment for all of your children. Call our office today so that you can have a peace of mind that your children can excel to their full potential without visual barriers.
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